A piece of vintage wallpaper turned into a bracelet and earrings set.

A wedding invitation turned into a necklace.

Pizzazzed Paper

Your favorite photos made into beads - they make wonderful keepsakes.

Simply email me your pictures.

 Paper Beads are all handcrafted from Recycled Paper. I use old magazines, calendars, wallpaper, wrapping paper, sheet music, scrapbook paper, etc. They are cut and hand-rolled into various bead shapes ranging in   size from 1/8" to 1 1/2". Each bead is then coated with 4 coats of a non-toxic glaze, making them water resistant and protecting them for many years of use.

The colors and patterns on the beads are from the colors and patterns on the paper, they are not painted on.

Custom beads can be made from your special paper, allowing for very treasured keepsake jewelry pieces.

Examples of some of the custom beads I have done:

More Custom Bead Ideas 

* Beads made from Wedding Invitations and turned into Bridesmaid Jewelry Gifts *

* Beads made from Church Bulletins from Baptisms / Christenings *

* Beads made from Theatrical Show Programs *

* Beads made from Sports Programs *

* Beads made from Travel Maps and Tickets *

We are only limited by our imagination!

Prices For Custom Pieces

Necklaces $49 and up

Memory Wire (Wrap Around) Bracelets  $29 and up

Earrings  $19

Stretchy Bracelets  $19

To place your order, please email pizzazzedpaper@aol.com